Amazing eggplant meal and more

I will admit it, I am a very lucky woman. Why you ask? The real list would be quite long if I tried to elaborate. Today, I am thinking about dinner at our house.  If you are married, does your husband cook dinner often? I can honestly say heck yes on this!

Not many wives can say that their husband does approximately 99% of the meal making for dinner. I can and am forever amazed with my husband for doing this most evenings. JL comes home from work and makes a meal, or has prepped it the night before. Seriously, he does this week in and out. I am not a huge fan of experimenting with new recipes, but JL likes to. Thanks to this, he has pretty much cooked dinner since we got married eight years ago.

We have a kosher kitchen at home. Most of our meals are meatless because of the extreme cost of kosher meat. We typically have chicken 2-3 times a month and fish 1-2 times a week. The rest of our meals are pretty much vegetarian by nature. We had been eating a lot of soy products – veggie burgers, Morning Star galore and other items like that. JL and I liked these meals, until they started to make me violently ill. I now believe that I have a soy allergy/intolerance. This puts another major kink in our menu planning. Now we are looking for recipes with lots of beans and vegetables in them.

Each week, JL and I sit down and plan out a menu and grocery list. On Saturday, we decided to try something new with the slow cooker. The dish was called Eggplant Italian and cooked for only four hours. The smell in our house was amazing and I could not wait to try this. I was not disappointed. Here is a tease of the dish. 

Eggplant Italian after 4 hours in slow cooker     Ready to eat - YUM!

You can read more this latest healthy meal success and see the recipe on TechyDad’s website.

If you have any good Slow cooker dishes/soup or other items to share we would be greatly appreciative.



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