Birthday wishes for TechyDad

Today is a special day in our family. It is the reason three of us spent time baking an extra special cheesecake for tonight. On this day, many years ago in a city that often appears to be in a galaxy far far away, my husband was born. Today JL will be spending the day at work, coding lots of important items. Thanks to going in early this week, he will leave to pick NHL up from Dinosaur Camp. From there we will be dropping the boys off to have dinner with Nana and Papa. Not sure where JL will pick to have his B-day dinner, but my guess is something that involves sushi. After that we will head back to get the boys and finally test out the tie-dyed cheesecake together.

Here are some new photos from the weekend of my amazing husband with our boys. These are when we went to build at Home Depot Saturday morning to make a message center. I can already see the future when JL teaches the boys to build their own computers from individual components. 

Safety is important 

Finishing the message center

Later in the afternoon, it was sunny out and we went to the park. All three of the boys had fun running all over the place. The two little guys even had some special one-on-one time with JL. 

Hitching a ride from Dad 

Binding on the swings with Dad


Last year I wrote a piece, with lots of photos, about our years together and it still sums everything up. JL is the geek of my dreams and I love him more and more each day. Most women would only dream about an amazing husband who cooks dinner almost every night, cleans the bathroom, and loves to play with the kids. This is my reality and I am truly blessed to have found my TechyDad and married him.


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