Bye-Bye Binky

Dear JSL,

This was a big week for you. On Monday night after celebrating NHL’s birthday you went into our bed and never asked for your binky. Of course, Daddy and I quickly made them "disappear" before you saw any. Tuesday you never said anything until bedtime. That was a rough night, along with Wednesday and some on Thursday. You really wanted your "Baby" and I was mean and did not give in. When we came home from Disney World in May we only allowed your binky at naps and bedtime. You were doing really great. You would wake up and toss your binky out and keep going. Now, thanks to you initiating it (without knowing) you appear to be binky free.

Quiet time with Elmo

The last major step in becoming a big boy is potty train (I am not counting the fact that you still like you "Mama More More" ).  Today while we were out, we bought a bunch of Sesame Street stickers to use as rewards. Now Mommy just needs to be brave enough to try this on her own since daycare mostly potty trained your big brother.

Binky free boy

I am so proud of you for being binky free, but you will always be my baby no matter what.




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  • Oh man, I am trying to get my son binky-free, and so far, he’s okay getting it for naps and night-night ;-) But sometimes, I’m guilty of giving him one when we go out… *sigh* I’ll have to quit that soon.

  • Puna says:

    Congratulations little man. Now that is a big deal!

  • Renee Garcia says:

    Ahhh congrats! We are going to start potty training SOON, like this week… or maybe next! haha Keeghan is SOOOO ready! He still has his paci in bed right now. We’re not going to take that away until we get home from getting Kellsey. We want him to have that comfort while we’re gone. Soon though, we’ll transition him from that too. It’s so hard growing up!