Family birthday party – 6 yr August edition

Last year at this time I was fussing over a volcano cake for NHL’s 5th birthday party. He wanted a dinosaur theme party for the entire family. The problem was there were no decent cakes out there. I opted to make one for him. The end product was using my giant cupcake pan and sculpting the following:

Mount Dinocake

It was not the best, but it was decent. This year we tossed together a quick party for family (still debating a friends party later on). His birthday kind of snuck up on us. Today is the day. NHL opted to have a Disney Car’s birthday theme. When we talked about different cakes he had several options: giant cupcake, regular cake, or cupcake cones. Care to guess which one he selected?

Meeting Lightning and Mater in May

Last night we made the ones that he selected , and they (hint, hint)  will be decorated after transport to Nana and Papa’s house. Here is what last year’s party looked like. Time to get ready to head out soon. More photos to come soon.




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