Toddler tantrums

Dear JSL,

Over the last week something has happened. My sweet, loving, cooperative and easy going two year old has disappeared. Suddenly you are expressing your desires via temper tantrums. It is wonderful that you are spreading your wings and trying to be independent, but this has to end. Yesterday, we were in a store and you had a wild one. First, you were mad that I would not let you buy a coloring book. That one was under control after your big brother helped you along. Then as I was checking out you were mad that I made you put a package of Mentos back. Thanks to that meltdown you made leaving the store next to impossible. I took your hand with you kicking and screaming. Then once we were outside you bolted off my hand and ran back in. I was shocked with what I saw you do. You threw yourself onto the ground, kicking, screaming and flailing every part of your body.

No Mommy!

Please for everyone involved in the family, stop with these tantrums and be your old self. Nap time should not be the only peaceful moment in the day. 

Quiet time with Elmo




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  • Big Sister is in a fit throwing stage too. It is terrible. She throws herself on the floor, kicks her feet, rolls around. If she can possible find a non involved party to roll into she will. I HATE it. And yes, naptime whould not be the only peaceful time of day. I am hoping if she gets it out of her system now she will quickly outgrow it. Well, that and not letting her gain anything from it.

  • Stefany says:

    So, this would be the wrong time to tell you that two was a breeze and three is a bad year, huh? ;)

    We have all been there at some time or another. It totally doesn’t make it any better while the tantrum is going on though. I know that!

    You could be dealing with what I am in my Dear Kid Saturday. Sometimes I would take a temper tantrum over a teenager. Too bad I have both everyday! ha!

  • Renee Garcia says:

    Ahhh welcome to my world! LOL

  • Ohhh dear…LOL! With those sweet little pictures I find it hard to believe that precious baby would do such a thing! Haha! I’m kidding. Yes, that stage is definitely a trying one, for sure. Hang in there, Mama.