Have you heard of BrainFuel?

As an educator and mother, I am always looking to find new and exciting online resources to use with my boys. I am a firm believer that integrating technology is crucial with children these days. Recently, I was asked by Mom Central to explore and review a website called BrainFuel. To participate in this Blog Tour, I was given a one month trial to use the Brain Games on Luminosity.


When you go to the website, it is broken down into four sections.

Brain Food:

In this section, a lot of attention is put on how certain foods are important to help your child maximize their brain, concentration and memory during the day. Articles are available to read about different topics and research is integrated into them to explain the rationale behind the findings. A few examples are:

  • Mom Was Right – why breaskfast is the most important meal of the day
  • Why Vitamins –  research from studies that show how vitamins from a balanced and healthy diet can make kids perform at their best and do better in school.

Brain Health

This portion of the website is broken down further into areas that talk about Brain Facts, Exercise the Brain, Protecting the Brain. There are a lot of facts and ideas in this section to help to understand your brain better. Some examples:

  • Family Walk – Do you know why a simple walk after dinner can be beneficial to your brain? This little article explains why.
  • Avoid Brain Drain – Admit it, you have suffered from this more than once in your life. This explains what you can do to prevent it from happening.

Brain Games

We all know that it is important to exercise our body, but it is also crucial to train our brains. This section points readers to Luminosity.com which hosts the special games. These have been developed to help and increase:

  • Quicker thinking
  • Improved memory
  • Increased alertness
  • Elevated mood
  • Better concentration

You do have to be a member to use the games and track your program benefits. The nice part is you can sign up for a free 14 day brain training trial and if you like it then get 50% off a one year subscription by using the promotion code 50BRAINFUEL. I just activated my month long complimentary membership (part of the Blog Tour) and hope to start letting my son use it more. I have to say that many of the games look like something that would keep my brain moving.  Some game examples are:

  • Word Bubbles –  Works on Processing Speed, Verbal Fluency    Head on over to test this out!
  • Speed Match – Helps to focus on Processing Speed   Another game that you can test out on their website.

So far, I like what I see in these games and hope to explore them more with my son. He loves these types of items and will be intrigued with the concept of helping to make his brain bigger and better. I am interested in seeing if we will notice an improvements in his scores.

Brain Forum

In this portion of the website, you have the chance to connect with others to ask question, look for advice and see what others are doing. There are four main branches that people can leave topics/questions within. These are:

  • Ask a registered dietitian  – Submit a question regarding brain healthy nutrition to our registered dietitian.
  • Food and Diet – Submit your child’s favorite brain food breakfast ideas/recipes
  • General Discussion – General Discussion is a place for General topics that do not fit into the categories of other forums on Brain Fuel.
  • Share with us

The forums look like they will be a nice resource as more people learn about this website. At this point, there are not a lot of posts and it is pretty quiet. The perk with that is if you post a question people respond to it rather quickly.

As previously mentioned, I am still exploring all that there is to offer on BrainFuel and Lumosity. I believe that helping children to be the best that they can be is part of our responsibility. This website has a lot of information that will be a nice resource for many parents.


Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of BrainFuel and received an insulated lunch bag from California Innovations to thank me for taking the time to participate. 


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