Black Friday 2009

I have to admit, I do not think I have ever gotten up before the sun comes up to go to Black Friday sales. My mother never did it, so I never caught the bug. Sure, there are things that interest me, but I am not into fighting crowds of people hounding the same deal of which there are not enough to satisfy the masses. I would rather stay home, cozy and warm in the house. My hubby works today, so the boys and I will stay home and do something special together. If we venture out it will likely be to a quiet lunch location and maybe the newly library.

On Thanksgiving I did head out shopping. I pulled out the newspaper and looked at the CVS and Rite Aid ads. A few things were very interesting to me because they were free or 99 cents. NHL was up and watching the parade while JSL and TechyDad still slept. I went to CVS first. The items I bought were close to $50 on sale, once I used my ECBs (which were expired, but this store accepts them), my total was $3.50 for the tax.

CVS Thanksgiving deals

I could have done a little better had my coupons not disappeared. Still this was a great deal and I still have almost $35 of ECBs to use for another CVS visit. Oh and the candy was free with ECB and needed so I would not forfeit additional ECBs that I had to use.

After this I went to Rite Aid and had my $5 coupon from Fall Spending. I almost bought NHL the $20 Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS, but my trusted friend that works at a gaming store said it was not a good plan for a child. So it was a no go. I spent just about $20 on sale items – my coupon. Of the $14 that I spent out of pocket, $12 will be coming back in Rite Aid rebate. The cost of the Hot Wheels cars was $3, so this was a fabulous deal, even without my missing coupons.

Rite Aid Thanksgiving deals

So, I bought all of the above items for under $7 out of pocket! It was so nice and quiet in the stores Thursday without many bargain hunters. Sure, I would love some of the deals on Black Friday, but I will enjoy the day home without the crazy stores. Now to see if there are any Cyber Monday specials.

My question this week:

Will  you or have you already gone out to shop this Black Friday? What are your favorite places to go to? Please feel free to share the deals that you got.


BTW – Be sure to check out three giveaways that are going on right now:  Softlips Winter collectionMovie Moments Prize Pack (4 movie tickets and cereal), and Sweet Ones Prize Pack. Another one for the kids will be coming soon (hint – it will be a Crayola product).


Thanks to Kailani at An Island Life for starting this fun for Friday. Please be sure to head over to her blog to say hello and sign the MckLinky there if you are participating.

Aloha Friday by Kailani at An Island Life

Aloha #76

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