Happy Thanksgiving 2009 – visit with first grade

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with your family and friends. Today, the boys and I will be going to my Aunt S and Uncle M’s house to have dinner with many members of our extended family. My parents will be there, but sadly my brother and his family will not. Luckily we will see them in a few weeks for Chanukah. Since TechyDad has to work tomorrow, we were not able to be with his family.

Yesterday, JSL and I went to visit the first graders for their Thanksgiving dessert party. When it was time to eat some of the goodies, we went to NHL’s seat. His teacher even set up a place for JSL to sit down. Here is the cute Thanksgiving item that NHL made yesterday before we got there:

Craft the kids made

All of the kids enjoyed the sweet items that were sent in. They quickly and quietly gobbled up most of the things that were offered.

Sugar time      Yummy yummy!

Once they were finished reading the kids were told to go and read a book while others cleaned up. NHL and JSL went to the main rug. The little guy seemed at home and wanted to join the first grade.

Reading time after the goodies

Seriously, JSL did not want to leave. He had taken on the role of teacher of sorts and the kids kept going to him.

Thinks he is ready for school

We had a nice time visiting and celebrating with the kids. JSL enjoyed seeing the kids that he knew from last year and NHL loved having his little brother there (me too – I think).


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  • Betty N says:

    When I was younger, I taught Kindergarten and children of that age are so delightful…they are full of wonder about everything! So glad you could take your younger
    son also