Chanukah Candle Time 2009

Dear NHL,

This year, you really showed how grown up you were during Chanukah. Sure, you were excited about the presents, but you knew there was more to our celebration. You had learned about the story of Chanukah and why we celebrate the holiday for eight nights. It was so nice watching you take ownership in lighting our menorah. Not only did you help guide the shamash each night, but you would also say the blessings along with us (sometimes before us). This year, you have taken pride and ownership in being a Jewish child. You do not get jealous about Santa and Christmas. Instead, you have been eager to show your classmates at school how to write in Hebrew on their Chanukah math sheets. Go you! I hope that you always keep this love in your heart for your Jewish ancestry.

NHL Chanukah 2009




Deal JSL,

For months now, we have been "torturing" you with buying things and then telling you they were not for now, but for Chanukah. We think the wait was probably worth it since you loved carefully opening your presents and shouting "No Way!" each time you saw a familiar item. Of course, you also wanted to help us light the candles. You would run to get your yarmulke and beg Daddy to pick you up. He would hold your hand around the shamash and you would light some candles. Tonight, we were afraid you were going to protest no more menorah, candles and presents, but you were good and played with your new loot. Soon, you will also realize the true meaning of Chanukah like your big brother. For now, I hope you continue to enjoy the fun of it all.

JSL Chanukah 2009




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