Disney addict the next generation

Dear NHL,

It has been a tough week. You had no school after a week at Disney World. Thanks to your brother not feeling well, we have been quite cooped up. Most of the time you were really good trying to help me to keep your brother happy. While he was napping the other day you asked me a question. You wanted to know if we could stay at the Polynesian Resort next time we go to Disney World. I forget what your reason was, but I think it was the monorail being close.

This afternoon when we went out to get your 100 Day project printed (100 photos in a collage that you picked from our trip to Disney World) you started making more plans. Much to our surprise you mentioned that you want to see the parade at Hollywood Studios. You started to mention the characters that are in that parade and how you wished we had seen it. I do believe it is official.. . . you are now a full fledged Disney addict! I am so proud.

For the love of Disney

I hope that we are able to take you and JSL back to Disney World again soon. I know that I loved my almost yearly visits there when I was a child. It is so much fun seeing you so excited and enjoying the magic that is Disney.




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