Scanning old picture memories

I have always loved looking at old photos. Growing up, I remember pulling our old photo albums that my parents had made. They ranged in topics from when I was first born, growing up, birthdays, Disney World vacations and beyond. My parents collected items to do 70’s and 80’s style scrap books. I love looking at the attention to detail in the books. Unfortunately, the old albums contained chemicals that are damaging to the memories within them. We now need to figure out a way to rescue them.

Last year, JL’s grandmother passed away. When this happened, he wanted to help and preserve the photos from her past. He agreed to get a new scanner and capture them onto DVDs for all of his relatives. That project involved scanning over 200 photos. I always figured when JL was finished we would move onto the photos that my parents have.

The other night after dinner, I asked my father to help me find the old albums in the basement. We brought up my baby album, along with two from Disney World. In addition to that, there was a shoebox filled with a variety of photos. These ranged from when my brother and I were little, trips to Disney World, Hershey Park, Circus World, fun with neighbors, and Girl Scouts. My father wants us to figure out how to work on the photos that are in the albums without ruining them. So for the time being I took home the shoe box to work on.

Thanks to getting ready to go away, I pulled out 30 pictures that I really wanted scanned. The other night, JL did them for me. I now have photos scanned of my Nana & Papa, special times with my cousins (whoa the 80’s hair), and little me getting autographs of characters at Disney World and more. Below are a few to preview. 

Our room in the Contemporary Resort

This would be my family at Disney World. We were staying at the Contemporary Resort. This is the day bed in the room. My mother is hiding behind me and that is my little brother just before he turned three. 

Concourse of Contemporary Resort

Here we are waiting for Dad to fix his big camera on the concourse at the Contemporary Resort. This is basically right outside of where Chef Mickey is now located. 

Old Style Disney Strollers

This would be my little brother taking a nap in the really old style Disney strollers. Holy cow have these suckers changed over the decades! I believe we were waiting outside a garden at EPCOT waiting to meet up with family friends.

Those are just a few of the photos that were scanned. I will be sharing more in the next few weeks.

Do you scan your old photos to preserve them for future generations? Always curious to see what others are doing.


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