The great Figment ride bribe of 1983

While at Disney World in May, NHL was willing to go on pretty much every thrill ride that he was tall enough to go on. At 46" tall in May, he was able to go on Expedition Everest and did not flinch when it was time for Tower of Terror (can not say the same for poor TechyDad). Had he been tall enough I think he would have even gone on The Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster starring  Aerosmith. Unfortunately, that ride had a 48" height requirement.

Now, almost nine months later, NHL has grown 2 very crucial inches. He is 48" tall and can go on any ride in all of Walt Disney World! We are all quite excited about this. He claims he still wants to go on Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, but we shall see. He has never been on a coaster that goes upside down. Of all that I have been on, it is by far the most amazing and so smooth. With any luck, he will take the adventure along with me.

Another must ride is Space Mountain. When we were there in May, it was closed for refurbishment. I think NHL will love this ride. When I was a little younger than NHL, I was not as easily convinced. You can read more about A Figment of my Childhood Imagination to understand the background. The basic story is that my father promised me, then in kindergarten, anything I wanted if I went on Space Mountain with him. I tried to back out several times, even claiming I had to pee when we got into the rockets. When we got off, I told my father what I wanted. Since EPCOT had just opened, I was in love with Figment. Here I am back in 1983:

Love for Figment begins

We eventually went back to EPCOT and I wanted a Figment that was the perfect size to hug. My father tried to get me to take the smaller one. Mom stepped in and reminded Dad that he told me anything I wanted. He was lucky, there was a much larger Figment that would have been more interesting to get back on the airplane. Below is a photo of my brother and me with the stuffed animals that we bought during that Disney World trip. As you will see, I have Figment in my arms. 

My figment bribe and more

With any luck, NHL will head onto Space Mountain with me. Thanks to my father, I already know to set limits on anything that I use as a ride bribe!


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