Doctor visit and Dr. Seuss B-day celebration

About a month ago we were told that NHL had to dress up as his favorite Dr. Seuss character. With everything that went on before/during/after the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and my nephew being born time was short. Since we were away this weekend not a lot of planning/buying was done. NHL remembered being called Thing 1 and JSL being called Thing 2 by us. He liked the idea and said to come up with something.

Yesterday, JSL and I went to Michaels to pick up some supplies. I bought a white foam sheet to make the Thing 1 circle to go on a white sheet. Then I noticed the t-shirts on sale and the iron on transfers. With my 40% off coupon we could make 5 shirts for a good price (thinking ahead to BlogHer).

When NHL went to bed last night we told him the plan. Sad to say things changed rather quickly. JSL came into bed and fell asleep. Suddenly he bolted up and howled. I am not exaggerating, it was loud and not a good sign. TechyDad had been working on a design for the iron on transfer. After over an hour of screaming I told him to forget it. I would do my backup plan in the morning.

It was a very long night. JSL screamed every 30 minutes. I think the longest stretch of quiet and sleep we had was about an hour. When we asked him what hurt he said his hair. As time went on he said his hair, head and ear. On Saturday he was complaining about his hair hurting and had a low grade temperature. Aunt M looked into his ears and could not get a look at the one thanks to so much wax build up. This morning when we took his temperature and it was 101 (his normal temperature is about 97). Right now he is sleeping peacefully and we go to have things checked at 10:15. Can not fool around with his febrile seizure tendencies.

Meanwhile NHL went to school today and was quite pleased with his Thing 1 costume. I gave him his red turtle neck and went with plan 2 of the logo. Here is the big guy all ready to go:

Thing 1 ready to go

Do schools near you celebrate Dr. Seuss today?

I know a lot of elementary schools around here do. The teacher in me can not wait to hear what other kids dressed up as, if they bothered since there is a field trip today




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