Pesach 2010 is here

Monday evening, Jewish people will be celebrating with their family and friends at the first Passover Seder. Right now, we are still putting the final touches on getting our house ready for Pesach. Not a lot to do, but time consuming along with other items in our regular day to day routine. As I head off to get things done, I wanted to share some of the items that NHL has made at Hebrew School recently. 

Crafts from Hebrew School

  • Bag to put the afikomen in.
  • Seder plate that includes a shank bone and roasted egg made out of Model Magic
  • Poems and items from Dayenu! A Passover Haggadah For Families and Children by Carol Boyd Leon 
  • Kippah that NHL made

We are basically finished shopping for Passover and only need to stop by and get some fresh produce at one point. To read more about past Passover celebrations, please check out some additional posts from past years:

Chag Sameach Pesach to all of my family and friends that celebrate.


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