Possible school changes

Dear NHL,

It has been a rough week. At six years old you have heard things at school and home that a child never should have to worry about. As much as I wish I could shield you from this, the reality is you are way too observant. This week when I went to a meeting, you asked why I was going. I told you it was extremely important since there may be changes coming to school for next year. You wanted more information since you have heard me talking with Daddy, Nana and others. I explained to you that because of money problems, your school may not be open next year.

As expected you were quite upset about this. I quickly tried to calm you down and explain that this was why I was going to the meeting with countles other parents, teachers and concerned members of the community. You would have been so proud of your teachers. Almost all of the teachers were there and stood up to the members of the School Board. They told everyone about all of the amazing things at your school. I sat there so proud, yet sad at the same time.

The many faces of NHL

Keeping my emotions from you has been hard. I worry about the future (not just next year) and you know it. You have seen me cry, yell in anger over items and sit in front of my computer writing letters to important people. Please know that no matter what happen to your school we will make sure everything works out for you. Mommy and Daddy will never let anything happen to you. You may not be with all of your friends, see familiar teachers in the hall, but we will make it work. We are going to fight to the end and know that we did everything to save your school. Nobody is giving up yet and we will let the other people in our community know how they can help not only your school, but others in our district to fight back from extinction. One day you will understand, but for now just know I love you and am so proud that you love your school and are willing to help us keep it here for a long time to come.




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