A week gone by – Passover 2010

The count down begins. There are only three more Passover meals left until we can officially say the holiday is over and begin eating chametz again. The funny thing is I do not miss bread. I miss the little things. Here are a few of the items I can not wait to have again: 

  • Fiber One Bars – missing these a lot
  • Greek Yogurt – the Dannon All Natural that is for Passover is just not the same. It passes with fruits mixed in . . . or other items as I will mention later.
  • Cereal – Quinoa for breakfast is not my thing, the pilaf for lunch and dinner – YUM!
  • Gum – The Passover sugar free gum leaves a lot to be desired. It has little flavor and goes stale quickly. Really miss my Extra Watermelon Gum.
  • Cheese – The Kosher for Passover cheese is just not my favorite. The other ones we get during the year are SO much better.

No doubt, there are other items that I miss, but those were a few that came to mind. We have been eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. Broccoli stir fry with mushrooms was amazing. TechyDad also cut up sweet potatoes and put a little olive oil on them with salt and pepper. Those were delicious with chicken and quinoa pilaf.

The little guy did not eat much during the Passover Seders. The second night he devoured four giant matzoh balls. Check him out here:

Matzoh Ball time

For days, he would not eat matzoh in any other form. He would lick cream cheese off and pick off cheese when I made him matzoh pizza. Aside from slices of cheese, he would only eat "chocolate" yogurt. What exactly is "chocolate" yogurt you ask? Well, it is the Dannon All Natural Yogurt with a special mix in. The little guy was begging for his Chobani chocolate Greek yogurt and could not have it for Passover. I improvised with what we had. I took a chocolate macaroon and crumbled it up within the yogurt. Mix it all together. . . voila "chocolate" yogurt is born! This has been a huge life saver.

NHL has been a lot easier to please. He loves hard boiled eggs. I fear that he make start to cluck from eating so many over the last week. His favorite meal, aside from Aunt S’s matzoh ball soup, was the potato crusted fish fillets that we bought the boys. He absolutely loved them.

Eggs - not just for Easter

This year, we did not bake. We only had a few boxes of macaroon and the pre-made cakes that came with items we received from a gift basket. The only candy we bought were two bags taffy. No Chocolate bon-bon cookies, rainbow cookies, jelly rings or marshmallow logs. Keeping things simple, having delicious Seder food at Aunt S and Uncle M’s house, and not buying pre-packaged items was the way to go for us.

Passover Seder Foods - 2010

The week went by with a lot less fuss than I expected. How were your holidays?


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  • We ended a day early this year as we did a spontaneous super mini-vacation to downtown Chicago (thank you Priceline!) and things kinda fell apart. My younger one insisted we’d ruined things days before when my husband came home with TamTams lacking the Passover seal–we’re not that strict and would have let the honest mistake fly, but apparently next year we need to watch more carefully.
    .-= kim/hormone-colored days´s last blog ..Mombloggers Head to Galena, IL with MomImpact =-.

  • When Hubby was a kid (and still Jewish) he loved Passover. Of course, when he was away in college it got much harder. He said he ate nothing but matzoh with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Every year he is super disappointed when Passover falls during the week and we cannot go.
    .-= Upstatemomof3´s last blog ..Dear NY Rangers =-.

  • It looks like you had a wonderful Holiday. I enjoyed reading about your traditions! Have a terrific Tuesday.
    .-= Cascia @ Healthy Moms´s last blog ..Is Your Child Getting Enough Calcium? [Digg] =-.

  • Devo K says:

    Would you mind giving a rundown of the collage? I’d especially love to know the what food was served!
    .-= Devo K´s last blog ..Schlissel Challah =-.

  • TechyDad says:

    I’ll try to do it from memory. I’m sure B will correct me if I’m wrong.

    Table setup | Celery dipped in salt water | Matzoh | gefilte fish
    Chicken soup w/ matzoh ball | mazoh kugel | chili chicken | Tzimmes
    potatoes | stuffed cabbage | [ Unsure – B? ] | chicken soup in the pot
    Hard boiled eggs | Passover mandelbreads (home made) & brownies | Meringue cookies (some with, some without chocolate chips) | table again
    .-= TechyDad´s last blog ..Cooking With TechyDad: Apple Cinnamon Quinoa =-.