My six year old barber

Dear NHL,

Not too long ago, a bunch of other parents were talking about how their kids had cut their own hair. I mentioned that I was worried about my two year old doing this, but thought that my first grader was safe from doing this. Of course, our scissors are WAY back on the counter where any little people would have to use something to climb up and reach for. Clearly, I jinxed all of us.

After lunch today, we packed everyone up and went to the park. Here you are on the swings having a fabulous time in the gorgeous weather.

Before the cut

Yes, I will admit your hair is on the longer side, but we were waiting to get all hair cuts in a week or so. Obviously, you did not get this memo. When we were done at the park we went to get some fruits, veggies and more eggs at Price Chopper and then back home. JSL was sleeping in the car, so you went outside to play with the kids in the neighborhood. You rode your bike, played soccer, had a super-soaker battle and used bubbles. When you were done we deposited you into a bubble bath inside.

When you got out of the tub, I dried off your hair with a towel and joked that you had wild and crazy hair. This statement will now haunt me. I left you in the living room with your clothing while I went to help Dad and JSL in the bathroom. The little guy was heading into the tub. Suddenly, you came to me and asked for help getting hair off your hands. I asked you to repeat what you said.

The chop was made

After this, things get a little fuzzy in my head because I was SO angry with you. Apparently, you climbed up onto the counter in the kitchen and lopped off a huge hunk of your hair. I saw it and immediately went bonkers. I calmed down long enough to call Supercuts to see when they closed.

Doing some hair magic

With you crying in fear of what they were going to do to fix your hair, we drove there to see what magic could be done. Of course, you flipped out when it was your turn. I think the person before you having a buzz cut with a 1 blade made you think you were going to be that hairless as well. We convinced you that it would not be that bad. Thank goodness we went quickly. The woman there was able to make it look pretty darn good. It may be shorter than you usually get in front, but, when you look fast, you may not even notice the tiny patch missing.

Supercuts saves the day

With any luck, you learned your lesson that you are NEVER to use scissors on any hair, fur or similar item. They are only to be used on paper or something else that an adult approves. Mommy and Daddy also learned that we have to hide the scissors now and they are where even I can not simply reach for them. Always remember, even when I am upset with you, I still love you with all of my hair. . . -er I mean heart.




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