Goodbye to my last two year old

Dear JSL,

Three years ago today, I was very pregnant with you. It was Mother’s Day and I was ready to become the mother to another baby boy. Of course, Mother’s Day would have been the perfect day. It was a Sunday and practically on my due date. Your bris would have been the following Sunday and so convenient for relatives from near and far to come to. Of course, you had other ideas.

May 2007 -  - Looking back JSL is 1!

Almost three years later, you continue to show your independent spirit. You have a voice, opinions and theories about things and are not afraid to let them be heard. Your growing sense of humor and ability to melt everyone with your laugh and smile is contagious. You could also give Curious George a run for his money with your need to learn more about your surroundings. Watching you grow and spread your wings is hard to do, seeing you are my baby, but I know you need to do this.

The last year has been a fabulous adventure. Here is a look back at the last year in your life.

We celebrated your second birthday at the most magical place on Earth, Walt Disney World. Here is where your fascination with everything Winnie the Pooh began. (May 2009)

The Birthday Boy

Then, you made your own sand storm when you played on a beach for the first time. (June 2009)

Of course as much as you loved Disney World, you had a special place in your heart for Wiggles World at the Great Escape. There is just something special about riding in your own Big Red Car. (July 2009) 

Toot Toot Chugga Cuggga

Being a helper has been very important to you. This year, you have constantly been asking to help Mommy, Daddy, NHL or anyone else. (August 2009) 

Proud to be helping

Within a few months of turning two, you learned new tricks to try to get out of going to sleep. Suddenly, you were a comedian at night and aimed at making us laugh until we had the hiccups. (September 2009)

Trying to make a silly face

The fall was tough around here with three of us having H1N1. Then, after you were better, you had your fourth febrile seizure right before Halloween. Still, you loved going outside to play in your Cozy Coupe. (October 2009)

Outside for fresh air

You also went to your first concert this year. It was to see The Wiggles of course. The look on your face when you realized it was really the Wiggles was priceless. (November 2009)

Happy boy - the Big Red Car!

Chanukah became a reality for you this year. You knew that we had to light the menorah each night and looked forward to putting your kippah on before you received something special. (December 2009) 

JSL Chanukah 2009

For the start of the new year, a special friend came into your life. We welcomed Piggy Oink-Oink into our family and he has been going places near and far from that point on. (January 2010)

The many faces of Piggy Oink-Oink

You became even more of a Disney World fan in February when we went to a conference for Mommy. Watching you interact with your big brother there and the characters was even more magical this time around. (February 2010)

Breakfast with Donald, Goofy and Minnie at Cape May

With Spring coming, a big milestone came. We said bye-bye to your binky. To reward you for your first night without it, we went out to get something special. Of course, it had to be Winnie the Pooh related. (March 2010)

Binky go bye-bye

As the weather warmed up (at least for a while) we went to the park. You were the thrill seeker and showed us that you have no fear. (April 2010)

Daddy and his Little Monkey

You continue to try things on your own, and are so proud of your accomplishments. (May 2010)

Little guy learning to build

Please excuse a few extra hugs along the way today. Mommy is taking this growing up thing a little hard. I need to cherish the last two year old hugs and sloppy wet kisses from my baby. Yes, you are growing up, but you and your brother will forever be my baby boys – never forget that.

I love you Robot JSL Pup-Pup and look forward to watching you further explore the world around you as a three year old starting tomorrow. Happy early birthday.




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