The real life Twitter Block button

If you are on Twitter, no doubt you have had a few (or many hundred) sketchy people follow you. Of course, you click over to check and see who your new follower is. Then you see it is a spammer, or worse. . . a person with a rather revealing photo for an avatar. Yikes! Kids look away from the Twitter please. . . nobody needs to see that.

The other night, I was talking with my friend Kristine McCormick (@KristineBrite) on Twitter. She mentioned that she was being bothered by people telling her not to be so serious with her Tweets. Hello, it is her Tweets! If you do not like something, then do not follow. Nobody tells you who to follow and you have the freedom to pick and choose your Twitter family/friends as you wish.

When I saw my friend’s Tweet about the people pestering her, I was angry. These people have no clue. They are not only rude, but tacky given the events in her life. You see Kristine’s precious daughter Cora died at just five days old – just  four months ago. Kristine has done so much with her angel Cora and Twitter has been a vital part of that campaign to let people know about CHD.Back in February, Kristine also did a guest post called My angel forever – Cora’s Story in honor of congenital heart disease awareness week. It is am absolutely beautiful piece, please read it if you are new. You can also read more about Cora’s Story and what Kristine is working on by clicking the button below.

To try to make her smile, I asked if it was therapeutic to push the block button and get rid of those people from her Twitter world. She said it was and I told her I had done the same with spammers/trolls. Of course, this lead us into a completely different direction. I mentioned how nice it would be if there was a real life Twitter Block button. We both joked back and forth about some people that would be on our list. Of course, the nice part of this dream was we could just as easily unblock anyone that we wanted to after a break from them. Ah, if only it was that easy – right?

So fess up. . . who would be on your list for the real life Twitter block button?

Do not dare to say nobody, I know there has to be someone. Whether it be your boss, in-laws, best friend or spouse – everyone has someone that would be on that list. Leave a comment here, it will be therapeutic and I won’t charge you for a visit!


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