My new second grader

Dear NHL,

September seems like such a long time ago. You went into school at the start of 1st grade and were nervous. You had a new backpack that seemed so big at the time. You did not know your teacher and were anxious to see your friends.

Looking a little worried

Fast forward to June, last Thursday to be exact. That afternoon it was official, you are now a second grader! It is hard to believe that you are finished with the first grader and moving on up in elementary school. You have learned so much in the last year and have made us so proud. In the last year you have read well over 200 books and counting. That scared little boy that you see above on the first day of school is no longer here. You are so much more confident now. Here you are on the last day of school as you learned who your 2nd grader teacher will likely be.

New Second Grader

That last bit of my little boy is gone since you have grown up so much this year. I really hope you know how much I love you. I am so excited that you will be going to camp this summer. I think you will have a lot of fun running, playing and exploring all that they have to offer. Of course, the days that you are not at camp, JSL and I will have adventures with you. We will do crafts, bowl, go to the park, swim, dance, sing and be silly together. I want your summers to be as memorable as I recall mine being.




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Dear Kid

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