A fun afternoon with water

Dear NHL and JSL,

We had a pretty good week. NHL really enjoyed camp, and JSL and I found things to do most days while you were away. Thursday, JSL and I went out in the morning. We were on a mission. We had to find some inexpensive paint brushes to use for water play. Someone had suggested that we get them for painting with water on the driveway. It seemed like a great activity for the two of you.

After picking NHL up from camp Thursday afternoon, JSL was roaring to go and paint with water. Thanks to a nap, you had lots of energy to go into the 90 degree heat. Lucky for you, NHL was willing to go outside again. We went inside to put sunscreen on everyone and got our supplies. Since I could not haul out your swimming pool, I found a bucket to use with the paint brushes.

Our supplies

Within seconds of putting it out, the two of you were experimenting. At first, you were curious about painting with the water on the driveway.

Having lots of fun

Then it got a little more interesting when one of you realized that you would fling water at the other with brushes. Of course, then you also noted you could paint one another with them as well.

The first fling

The sun was really getting warm and I told you to try putting your feet in the water bucket to get cooler. By this point, I had put my camera away and using only my cell phone to take photos.

New games with the bucket

From this point on, the camera and cell phone went away. When I went to get more water in the bucket, I changed things up a little. I surprised JSL and tossed a bucket full of water all over his legs. He liked it a lot. NHL, by the time you arrived on the scene I had the hose working. You were the lucky recipient of this. We played by the hose for another 15-20 minutes laughing and giggling up a storm.  By the time we were done, two of us were soaked from head to toe and the other close behind. At this point, we packed up and went inside for a little something different. It was time to soak in the tub for a while and use some soap and shampoo.

Thank you both for memories that I will always remember. I hope that we can do this again a few more times before the end of the summer.




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