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Dear JSL,

You and I have not seen eye-to-eye when it comes to potty training. I have known you were ready for a while. Once you went into a special private location to do your "business" and would ask to be changed, it was time. Of course, whenever we asked you to wear underpants or go on the potty you would scream at the top of your lungs. I didn’t push, but had mentioned to you in the middle of June that I would not buy more pull-ups. Then, we had to go away. Obviously, I was not going to start potty training two days before a car trip. So we went to the store. When you saw the pull-ups being put into the cart, you told me "Mama, you say no more pull-ups!" You got me and I knew it.

This week, something perked your interest and I went for it. I told you that we had Wiggles and Buzz Lightyear underpants. I pulled them out from storage on Wednesday and went for it. NHL was home from camp thanks to the storms and the roof getting fixed. We went for it. At first, you fought me. You did not want to wear the underpants. Then, when NHL made it exciting, you went. There was a small accident when you could not get to me quick enough. I cleaned the floor, then went to help your soggy bottom. That day, you went 4-5 times and had two accidents. The best part, you went to the Winnie the Pooh potty on your own three times and announced to me you peed.

Thursday was battle time. You had your Wiggles underpants on, but you were not in the mood to use the potty after an accident when you could not get your shorts down in time. To help with this, you played the role of streaker most of the day, or just underpants at times. I think you missed NHL. Once he came home from camp, you stopped fighting me and went potty several times for him. We ended the day with one accident and a few trips to the potty and quite a lot of frustrating moments. You did not want to do this, but day one showed Mama that you could indeed do it. My lesson learned – if I want you to deposit into the potty I had to push the water into you.

Serious about potty training

Friday was a rainy and nasty day. NHL stayed home from camp again and you had your Buzz Lightyear underpants on early. I reminded you that when you potty chart was filled we would get you a prize. Daddy and I told you we would get you a Buzz Lightyear toy like the Woody doll you have. Things went really well.  Whenever NHL asked you to go potty, you went to your little potty seat and did you business. After 3-4 trips (thanks to lots of water), you learned to exploit the system. You would go more often and just leave a small deposit and scream "Mama I pee – sticker time!"  By the end of the day, you had peed nine times and even pooped a little! That meant you got 11 stickers for the day. Here are the charts the way they looked at the end of Friday.

Major progress

Your last sticker before Wednesday was that lonely star on the chart. Everything else was earned later on. You are doing a great job and making me so proud. I know we may take some steps backward in this process again, but you are a big boy and have taken some HUGE steps this week. I love you my little guy.



P.S. A special thank you to big brother NHL. Without your help, I never would have been able to do this. You seem to have potty training skills with your little brother. You rock big kid!


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