To Happy Meal or not to Happy Meal

As a child, I remember going to Mc Donalds from time to time to have a Happy Meal. Back in the day, the Happy Meal was packaged in a really neat cardboard contraption that went along with the toy being promoted. When you opened it up, you found your hamburger, french fries, Mc Donald Land cookies (miss those) and toy. These days, the Happy Meals come in a generic paper bag with a puzzle or two on the outside.

We do not go to Mc Donald’s too often. When we do treat the boys to it, they usually do not get a Happy Meal. The kids are just as happy getting something else that is less expensive. The last two times we went to Mc Donald’s, I admit, I caved. NHL and JSL really wanted the Super Heroes that they were promoting. On Tuesday, when I asked NHL where he wanted to go for his 7th birthday lunch, he immediately replied Mc Donald’s. We walked into the restaurant and saw the Super Heroes on display. When we placed our order, I asked if they still had any left. Thank goodness they had two, and they were ones that we did not have from the previous trip.

Happy for a rare treat

As you can see, the boys were very happy. So my question to you this week:

What was your favorite Happy Meal toy growing up?  If you can’t remember, what about your kids or grandchildren?

I still remember as a high school/college student going to chase down the mini Ty Beanie Babies. Ah, what memories.

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Thanks to Kailani at An Island Life for starting this fun for Friday. Please be sure to head over to her blog to say hello and sign the linky there if you are participating.

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  • Vicki says:

    Beanie Babies here too!
    Vicki´s last blog post ..Nudge

  • Simply Cathi says:

    Hmmm…we haven’t been to Micky D’s in a long time however we do like going to Chick-Fil-A. The grands usually get a book or ice cream cone for the toy. hehe
    We did hit Mc Donald’s a lot when they were giving away the toys from Lord of the Rings. We got them for NY’s brother.

  • nightowlmama says:

    we used to chase down beenie babies too. LOL so fun.

    I can’t think of any one specific toy right now. I do love the Wizard of oz dolls i got from them.
    nightowlmama´s last blog post ..While at the Obs for a PAP Dont foget to get the HPV Test

  • Harriet says:

    I’m so friggin’ old that they didn’t have Happy Meals. lol. I can say that with my kids, I remember buying lots of Happy Meals when they were doing Barbie or Hot Wheels.

    Thanks for answering all of my silly questions the other day. You were a lot of help:)

    Have a great Friday!
    Harriet´s last blog post ..Cameron Diaz is Dangerous

  • We didn’t do fast food in my country as a child, so there were no toys.

    For my kids they seems to love any toy from Sonic and right now Sonic is my fave FF place :)
    JamericanSpice´s last blog post ..The Subject Is – Aloha Friday- Friday Follow

  • Owen's Mom says:

    I went occasionally with my Mom as a child. I thought the toys were much better then. I loved the hot wheels and lego toys… I always got the chicken nuggets.

    I like the healthier children’s choices now, but the toys are horrid. My kids have a rare metabolic condition, so we can only order the apple dippers and french fries. But, they love the occasional treat.
    Owen’s Mom´s last blog post ..Decking Out My New Droid

  • Aubrey says:

    I loved the cabbage patch dolls and the transforming mcdonalds food happy meals. The dolls made perfect babies when me and my little sister played barbie dolls. :) There are alot more that I loved getting but those are the ones that stand out the most. :)

  • Xmasdolly says:

    My grandkids liked Shrek the most I think or maybe even the Simpsons & Marge with her big blue hair. LOL You have a good weekend too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you come back soon.
    Xmasdolly´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday

  • the wizard of Oz toys!!Aloha
    twincerely,Olga´s last blog post ..Aloha FriDaY!!

  • Tatum says:

    The only kind I can remember is Barbie..It’s funny because we were at McDonalds the other day & they actually had the boxes I remember as a child..

  • Tammy says:

    I think Beanie Babies were my fav too!
    Tammy´s last blog post ..Kroger Add Up The Savings! 25 Gift Card Giveaway

  • Katie says:

    We must have set ourselves up for failure because ER always gets a happy meal. I don’t think she’s aware a kid can go and not get one! I agree the containers are way lame now. Ours have moved back to the traditonal cardboard box with golden arch handles but they serve double duty so one side is girly and one is more for the boys. We went and got a Madame Alexander doll on Saturday, ER must have been starving because she ate all four chicken nuggets and then started on mine. I don’t remember the toys much, although I do recall the beanie baby craze.
    Katie´s last blog post ..Little Sweetheart

  • I still have some of my old Disney McDonald’s Happy meal toys – snow white and the seven dwarfs. Well made!!

    I also have collected the Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz dolls from there.

    Small Hint – you can buy just the toys and not the happy meal. :-) Never knew that until a year ago. Nice. We always get apple dippers without the sauce when we go to help make it a bit healthier.

    Just discovered the MAdame Alexander Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter this week in the old time Happy Meal boxes – yep, we got them! Too cute and they are better made than some of what my daughter received as birthday gifts.
    Debra @ A FRugal Friend´s last blog post ..JC Penney – Sign up for Coupons!

  • Gale says:

    My favorite “happy meal” toy was a Wendy’s one that had a little thing you blew in to make a Styrofoam ball go up in the air. Thought it was a cool trick.

    I hate most of the happy meal toys these day because they break easily and add to the clutter in my kids room. Chick File is the exception. Their toys are always good quality, often educational, and some of them have become favorites, like The Click Clack Moo Book (adorable!), the Behind the Lions Storytime CDS, and the bug box which housed a beetle named Oatmealy for the longest time (something the teacher sent home after they studied the insect life cycle…well, at least she didn’t send home a pair!).