Lunch at CiCi’s Pizza with Mom

Dear NHL and JSL,

I think the two of you have a new favorite restaurant that you both agree on. Recently, a CiCi’s Pizza opened up near us. We had heard about them from other people, but had never gone. I met the two of you and Daddy there the weekend I was busy working on some writing. NHL, you liked it so much that you asked to head back there a few days later on your actual 7th birthday. We obliged and did not have the best experience.

CiCi's Pizza

Friday, I wanted to do something a little special with the two of you. It was the last Friday of our summer vacation together. I had to get some shopping done for TJ’s birthday party today, so I asked if you wanted to go to an early lunch. I think I shocked both of you when I suggested going to CiCi’s. I have never seen the two of you go so quickly. We arrived there at about 11:15 and did really well.

It was not crowded, but I still wanted to sit close to the action. When we went up to get pizza, the first thing I noticed was none of your favorites were there. I quickly requested a Mac & Cheese pizza. We were able to find some pineapple pizza for NHL and a slice of Alfredo pizza for JSL to hold you both over. Finally, the Mac & Cheese pizza was ready and you were both SO happy.

Pizza Time

It was a nice afternoon out with my boys. I can not wait to do more fun things in the week ahead before school starts back up.




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