Scholastic Book Fair Time

Dear NHL,

On Tuesday, you came home from school with a list of books that you wanted from the Scholastic Book Fair. Your list was rather long. I think there were at least eight books written down. You explained that two were books that you thought JSL would like. That made me feel so proud. When I went to the Book Fair to help out on Wednesday, I forgot your list with me. Before picking up JSL from nursery school, I went home to get your list. JSL and I went back to school to the Book Fair to check out your list. It was funny to watch your brother run right toward two of the books that were on your list for him. In the end, I bought four books. One was on your list, two you likely missed and would love and the last one something Daddy was interested in. Of course, we went back to the Book Fair the next day with Daddy. JSL cried when we were not going to get anything. We crumbled under pressure and got two additional books for the two of you. Once again, one that was on your list that you thought JSL would like.

Scholastic Book Fair

I guess it goes to show that we are easy to sell books to since we know how much you and your little brother love to read. I hope this continues and we will continue to add to our library at home.




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