Thoughts of Florida dance in our heads

Dear NHL and JSL,

This week, we told you that Uncle I, Aunt M, Cousin SG, and Cousin BA were going to Disney World. It seems like Florida and Disney World in particular were on our minds.

Wednesday morning we woke up to this scene:

Frost on Car

JSL got into the car and we had the following conversation: "Mama what’s that?" You were pointing to the frost on the windshield. My reply: "That’s just another reason for us to move to Florida to be near Mickey Mouse!" 

Those dreams do come true

Of course, I think you heard Mickey Mouse and just assumed it meant we were going there. At the end of the afternoon, I picked you up and told you that SG was going to see Mickey Mouse at Disney World. You immediately insisted that we get on an airplane and go right now. You did not understand that it was not something that we could just do. Tears resulted and you insisted we had to go and see Mickey Mouse and go on your Winnie the Pooh ride.

Luckily, a visit to Nana and Papa’s house stopped the crying. A little later in the evening, you asked for your Disney World hat and proceeded to parade around the house with your ears on.

Wearing his Disney World hat

Fast forward to Thursday night. I happened to mention to NHL that they were eating dinner at The Crystal Palace that evening and going to Boma the next night. NHL, you immediately stated that we had to go now and meet them at Boma. I think you really like it there.

B-day meal & First Mickey ear bars

So many wonderful memories of Disney World and our time there. Makes me so happy that you enjoyed and remember the time there. With a little Pixie Dust, we hope to be going again soon.




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