MIA – Catch me at KidsFunPlaza

I thought I was finally feeling better yesterday. My nose was behaving, the cough was calm, and I was able to sit up for longer periods of time. The joke was on me. This morning I woke up in agony. Although the fever appears to be gone, I have intense sinus pressure. So please excuse me while I go to hang out with my new BFF’s and wait for this snow storm. Don’t be jealous, these are my friends right now:

Tools of the trade

With any luck, my head will explode and the pressure will be gone. Seriously, I think that may be the best cure. Of couse, the big storm that may dump 9-12 inches of snow could be part of the issue today.


So while I try to recover, the ladies and I have been posting over at the KidsFunPlaza blog. Please stop by, check out the latest, and say hello.

KidsFunPlaza Button


Over the last week or so I have written the following:

Other recent posts from my talented colleagues are:

The December/January KidsFunPlaza magazine should now be out at all of the Northeaster NY Price Chopper locations. Also be sure to check out the KidsFunKitchen which has great menu and recipe ideas.

See you at KidsFunPlaza!


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