Tooth Fairy Time Again

Sunday morning NHL was eating breakfast on the couch. TechyDad was getting ready to take him for his Hebrew lesson. Suddenly, I heard NHL yell that he lost his tooth. I went into the room and he was laughing and way too calm. I honestly did not believe  that a tooth had been lost. 

Why? A little history. Prior to this, NHL had needed assistance from the dentist to get his teeth out. In fact, the last time the teeth did not loosen up a lot and he was afraid of them coming out. When we noticed that he had 3-4 wiggly teeth, he was excited. We would often find him with his hands in his mouth wiggling them to get them out. Suddenly he was interested in a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

So on Sunday I watched as he got up off the couch to search for something. I asked what he was looking for. Again, he told me his tooth. So I asked NHL to open his mouth and show me.

Houston we have another tooth

Oh my goodness! Not only did NHL have a tooth missing, it was different than the one I was expecting to come out first. So the two of us looked on the couch and we quickly found it. While he was showing the tooth to JSL and TechyDad, I went to locate the Tooth Fairy pillow.

Last night the Tooth Fairy came to our house. She left NHL a new book, dollar coin, and a note. Now we wait and see when the next visit will be. My guess it will be sooner rather than later.

What the Tooth Fairy Left

What did you get from the Tooth Fairy as a child and what do your children get these days? Inquiring minds would love to know.


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