Snowpacalypse – February 2011

We knew it was not going to be good when the meteorologists in the area refused to disclose information about Wednesday’s weather. They finally started to talk late Monday night. That should have been our first sign to RUN to Florida.

Instead, when I started to hear about the snow fall totals for the area, I started to laugh. And by laugh, I mean hysterical slap stick style laughing. Horrified laughter started as the panic set in.

Why you ask? Well, they are telling us to expect 18-30 inches of snow!

No schools in our immediate area delayed or canceled school. TechyDad took NHL to school this morning, and I brought JSL to nursery school. When I got back home, you could not tell that I had done anything this morning.

This is the pre-Snowpacalype photos of the front and back of the house.

Front before the big storm

Back before the big storm

What you can not see here are the snow piles in the front by the street, and on the side of the house.

Hmmm. . . anyone have a good deal on a snow blower?

No, it won’t help us now. I do think that if we get one it would stop all of the future snow from coming. Well, a girl can dream at least. Now off to figure out if I should go and get the boys from school now instead of later. Oy!


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  • YIKES! That is a lot of snow! our winter has been bad too….but not that bad! :)

    hang in there…march is right around the corner!

  • Lily says:

    Oh wow!! that is a lot of snow… we got 6 inches in the GA suburbs a few weeks ago and it was the most I’ve seen in a really, really long time! I like it for about a minute, then I’m ready for summer! =)
    Lily´s last blog post ..Friday Freakout- Who am I