Cousin Photo Quest – Summer 2011

As anyone with children knows, getting photos can be tricky. I can not even imagine a world without digital cameras, where you can click away and not worry about wasting money printing a roll of film with perhaps three good shots out of all of them. Of course, the more children you add into a photo quest, the more “interesting” it can get.

When we gather together with my brother and his family, we always try to get some photos of the four kids. This has become the running joke in the family because the kids are getting older and have their own agenda these days.

Trying to get all of the kids into an area can be tricky. We may snag three of the four like this:

3/4 of the kids


Meanwhile, the little guy was off running around. Eventually, he figured what was going on and went to the other kids:

Time to get the other kids

Then, when they finally all get into the same picture frame, it’s quick motion with everyone doing something a little different:

Swing time together

Here is the perfect example of everyone being together, but four different agendas at the same time. At a certain point you just realize it is not going to happen.

All 4 at Niagara Falls

Of course, I can not complain when we get a beautiful photo of three of the four kids when it captures a wonderful memory of something like Niagara Falls.


Still, it is rather nice to capture a moment when all four cousins are playing nicely together.

Playing well together

No, they may not be looking at the camera, but it sure does show how well they get along during the summer of 2011. Thanks for the memories kids!




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