Shrinky Dink Memories

Dear NHL and JSL,

The other day we went to the craft event at our library. I had heard that it was going to be something very different for the two of you. It was not new to me. No, Shrinky Dinks were part of my childhood. Yes, I remember making countless Shrinky Dinks with kids and later jewelry items.

When we got there the two of you had NO idea what I was talking about. You heard that it was time to draw on this strange paper, but never knew how special it truly was.

NHL, you decided to do a windmill first. Then, I drew you a big circle to fill in with something special to you. You drew the Tree of Life from Animal Kingdom. Sad to say that your first Tree of Life had a Shrinky Dink melt down and would not flatten back out. The librarian was nice and suggested that you try again, so you did.

NHL concentrates 

JSL, you saw a ship and immediately declared that it was a pirate ship. I helped you to trace that so you could color it in. Then you took random colors for a modern creation in a circle.

  JSL Colors in his ship

Here are your final items. Each circle was a pendant and the other made into a magnet.

Shrinky Dink Fun

We all had such a fun time that I knew we had to find more Shrinky Dinks to make at home. So while at Michaels the other day, I bought this to test out:

Shrinky Dinks fun for home

I can not wait to have more Shrinky Dink adventures with the two of you.




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  • Krista Swan says:

    We did shrinky dinks when the girlchild had a friend over for a play date. The kids had so much fun, and so did I! It really did feel like a “way back play back!”
    thanks for sharing!

  • Traci says:

    Shrinky Dinks!!!! Oh my gosh…they still make those?? I must get some for my kids. My sister and I loved shrinky dinks when we were kids. :)