School Supplies – Third Grade Take 1

In New York, we go to school until the third week of June. It seems like other parts of the country have been out forever by the time we are just getting started. Do not fret, we all have to get in 180 days no matter what. If we have too many snow days here, we will have vacation days taken away.

Of course, this also means that the week after the kids end school stores like Target, Staples, CVS, and others are starting their Back-To-School flyers. When we walk into their stores, it is like a school supply factory came for a visit. When I was teaching, I loved this time of year. There was just something fun about getting new items for my classroom. Now, it seems like a chore. I know that if I do not snag these bargains now, I may not get them again.

Just the start of 2011 supplies

So here we are not even into August and most of my son’s school supplies for third grade have been purchased. The Tweets from people questioning my purchases were priceless since it was still mid-July when I was buying items. The reality is that a 25 cent poly folder is a good deal when they are normally more than a dollar each.

Here is the list that came home with NHL on the last day of school:

  • 6 Folders and 6 Composition Notebooks (see colors) labeled with subject and first and last name: Black & White (2), Red/Math, Green/Science, Yellow/Reading, Purple/Social Studies, Blue/Writing. Plastic Folder labeled “Take Home” folder  Psssst – I bought all poly/plastic folders since they were on sale and will last.
  • Looseleaf paper (wide line) – a constant supply will be needed  At this age I fear how they may eat the paper. *sigh*
  • Pencils No amount specified  – in 1st grade it was at least 5 and 20 for second grade. I know kids and they use a lot more than that. Lots left from my classroom to hand off to NHL’s teacher.
  • Erasers
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Colored Markers, 24 box of crayons or pencils
  • Pencil pouch (zippered, soft kind)
  • Glue sticks  Whoa – no number required. I bought 8 for now, but have others from sales in past years.
  • Three boxes of tissues
  • Two rolls of paper towels
  • 2 Dry Erase Expo Markers
  • Old (but clean) sock (used as an eraser)
  • $4.00 for Homework Planners, to be sent in a separate envelope
  • $5.00 for National Geographic magazine   My son is going to LOVE this!

    NHL started this school at the end of last year, so I am not sure how this list compares with kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade in the building. I guess one day we will know with JSL. I recall, as a teacher, making my lists to send home to parents to buy. Now, I wonder how difficult of a task they may have had with certain items. Hmmm……

    Love it, or hate it – what is on your child’s school supply list for the 2011-2012 school year? Inquiring minds would love to know.

    I cringe thinking about next year because I will have a kindergarten kiddo and fourth grader to buy supplies for. Oy. They are growing up way too quickly. If anyone knows how to stop this, please let me know.


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    • Leigh says:

      My daughter’s second grade list is similar, though her school also requires 3 reams of copy paper, Clorox wipes and construction paper. We also have to have crayons, markers AND colored pencils. What drives me batty about her school is that they ask for name brands of everything – the RoseArt crayons on sale at Walgreens last week for 39 cents aren’t good enough; they have to be Crayola. And TICONDEROGA pencils only – 24 of ’em. That will set me back at least $5, when I could buy 50 of some other brand for 50 cents if I could shop the sales.

    • TheAngelForever says:

      @Leigh – I have to admit, I was a school supply brand snob teacher and still am. When I bought RoseArt markers for my classroom they did not last. I think within a month or so they were dried out when capped and used properly by older students. I have never required my students to get Crayola, but I would put a note that I thought they did last longer. When the 24 count Crayola crayons go on sale for 20-25 cents I buy a bunch to put away. Funny you mention the pencils made up by me, they are better than others – but I don’t spend the money either. They tend to sharpen better and not break a lot. When you have a classroom with 20-30 kids all breaking pencils all the time, I can sympathize with a teacher.

    • Jen says:

      The thing that bothers me the most about school shopping is actually at the end of the school year when they send back supplies that they requested unused or barely used. It makes me nuts. There was a poly folder they asked for in Orange 2 years ago. I had to hit 7 stores before I found one and they didn’t even use it. I was not a happy camper.

      Our supply list is actually smaller than yours for 3rd grade…3 packs of loose leaf, 4 marble notebooks, 5 poly folders (they specify colors), 1 pair scissors, 2 glue sticks, 1 ruler, 4 packs of pencils, crayons and A big smile. Not too bad. Although this year I found that orange poly folder on the first try. :O)