Last Official Day of Summer Vacation 2011

Today is the last day before the boys begin school again. Tomorrow, NHL is off for his first day of third grade. JSL goes to visit/meet his new teachers and then heads back on Wednesday.

I am looking forward to some me time without the boys with me all day, every day, 24/7 – BUT I will miss something. Summer is a special time. The boys were carefree this summer. There were lots of smiles, no stress, and worries were few and far between. There was no homework, we could read for the sake of enjoyment. No schedules for after school activities, Hebrew School, or even bedtime.

Back to School

So while I look forward to the future time to get work done and seeing my boys learn and grow at school, a selfish part of me will miss the carefree days of summer.

What will you miss about summer as almost all children head back to school? What is your favorite part about back to school?

It's Me

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