My Little Bug Boy

Dear JSL,

Last Friday I was a few minutes late picking you up from school. When I told you it was because the roofer was here fixing the gutter, you wanted to check out the work he did. You also complained that you did not get to see T. Then as we walked over to the side of the house, something caught my eye. I stopped and then you saw what I did. You moved backward and did not want to get any closer. Of course, I pulled out my camera and had to get a shot from a distance. This is the critter that we saw:

Real Praying Mantis

You are not really into bugs. Check that, you are not a fan of real bugs. If you see one in the house you immediately move from the scene. I think this is trauma from the giant beetle that came out of a toy you were using earlier this summer. I worry about the centipedes and how you will react when you see them. I guess we will know soon enough.

The funny thing is you do like some bugs. One of your favorite shirts in recent days is your green one with bugs all over it. In addition to this, since we saw the giant praying mantis on the neighbor’s driveway you have  been playing with your giant bugs that Aunt A and Uncle J got you. There is definitely a new favorite among the crew. Here you are bringing “him” to visit my computer.

Fake praying mantis

I have a feeling that your fascination with bugs will probably change over the years to come. For now, I will enjoy the fact that the only bugs that you bring me are NOT the kind that were ever alive.

My little bug




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  • Two or three summers ago, we found a HUGE Praying Mantis just sitting in the middle of our front yard. It was a pregnant female, and we watched her over the next couple of days as she crawled her way across the yard, eventually disappearing into our flower bed on the side of the house. Like you, I definitely prefer the fake kind of bugs, but it was still pretty cool to see!