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Knitting has been something that I have been doing on and off since I was in elementary school. Back as a child, I would sit on the front porch during the summer and fall months and knit with my best friend. In high school, it was something to do that would ease my stress. Fast forward to life as an adult, wife, and mother of two. I like to knit at the end of the day to help with stress levels.

Going out to the store to pick up some yarn for stress knitting is fun, especially when I can do it on my own. Selecting colors that will eventually become something is rewarding.

Stress Knitting Supplies

There is just something soothing about hearing the clickity-clacking of the knitting needles as the yarn flies through them to create stitches. Taking the yarn from hanks of nothing but color to making them into something concrete is rewarding itself.

Project start to finish

Seeing the fun colors all knit up just brings a smile to my face. Somehow the stresses just go right into the knitting needles and come out into something bright and cheerful.


Now I just need to find the perfect new yarn for a new project. A very special someone in my family is expecting a baby in February and I want to make the new little girl in our life something. So far my quest for good baby blanket making yarn has not been successful. If you have any suggestions, I would love to know.

It's Me

Pssst . . .other knitting posts of mine can be found here.

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  • Devo K says:

    Why not look on Etsy for some hand-made yarns? One of the things my mom likes to do when making baby blankets (we all crochet) is to specifically NOT use ‘baby colors’… so no pastels… she’s use gorgeous bright, vivid colors…

    Think of what you could make with this
    Devo K´s last blog post ..Family Sukkah Project

  • TheAngelForever says:

    @ Devo

    I love, love, love so many of the yarns on Etsy. There are a few factors that have stopped me from purchasing them. First, the prices on them. 150g of yarn for $29+ and shipping is a lot of money. By the time I get enough to make a larger project it is too much. The other big thing stopping me is a lot of the hand-made yarns say that they should not be machine washed. When making something for a baby, that is key in my mind.

    If you check out my baby items, I have only made one that was lighter colors. the last baby blanket that I made was very bright and different. This time will be no different since I like to make something that will go beyond the infant size and use.

  • Michelle Purvis says:

    You are so talented, wish I had the dexterity of hand and patience it takes to be a knitter, but I admire all of your work and your are so wonderful to think of us!

  • Nikki says:

    I had to look in my ravelry profile to see if I listed the kinds of yarns I use the baby blankets I’ve made. I believe they are all Plymouth Yarns (Encore?) Anyway they are listed in the baby blanket project. They are soft, washable and a wool blend. They aren’t too expensive and I really like them.

    As for everything else you said… Ditto! I never thought I would feel this way but I do. I love to go and shop for new yarns, just touching the softness of them and imagining what they could be turned into. I’ve built quite a stash in the last couple of months… I tell my hubby that those are my “after Christmas” yarns because then I’ll be making stuff for myself again!

    I agree that to sit and knit at the end of the day to unwind or work out the frustrations in my head makes me a much nice person.

    Good luck finding a yarn you like for the next project.
    Nikki´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday: The View from Here