The Where’s Goofy Game

As you have probably figured out long before now, my family really likes Disney. My parents are probably the reason that I have such a love for Walt Disney World and most things related to Disney. For my Father’s Birthday, we looked for something to get him. Dad really likes the artist Jim Shore. They have some of his pieces, but did not own any of his Disney items.

While shopping online, I found something really perfect on Amazon. It was Disney Traditions designed by Jim Shore and Goofy! I will admit that we had a hard time picking between Goofy and a few others, but in the end the boys wanted to get Papa Goofy. Why a Goofy for a planter? Well, this photo will probably help to explain it. Here are Papa’s babies:

Plants section 1Plants Section 2

Yes, my father loves African Violets. He actually goes to a semi-local place that had an African Violet greenhouse, called Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses, to get new variations. Taking macro photos of these has been really fun, but today I am focusing on Goofy. More African Violets coming soon. Since my father got Goofy, he seems to vanish. Yes, one day Goofy will be here:

Goofy just hanging around

Here’s a close-up of the sneaky little Goofster:

Hey there Goofy

The next day, if we happen to arrive at Nana and Papa’s house – Goofy will be in a completely different location.

Goofy in a new space

Yes, “Where’s Goofy” is the name of the game. When we walk into the house, the boys love to search and find him. The funny thing is that I think my parents actually hide Goofy on each other.

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