Chanukah Toy Happenings

As a child, there were not too many toys that were specifically for Chanukah. This certainly did not help when battling the why about not celebrating Christmas like most of my friends. We really only had dreidels to play with and menorahs to light. The world sure has changed and my kids have been lucky to benefit from this. Not only are there great decorations, products, music, there are toys specifically to help kids learn about the Festival of Lights.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the new items that we have seen in recent years. One that I wish we owned is the Little People Chanukah play set. I adore this set and JSL seems to like it when he sees it at nursery school.

Little People Chanukah

Another set is a favorite of ours and we do own it. A family friend gave the boys the KidKraft Wooden Chanukah Set. The set includes a menorah, candles, flames, dreidels, a fry pan, latkes, and Chanukah gelt. Talk about a safe and fun way to let your child light their own menorah.

Kid safe menorah

I have to admit that I am not sure if the Chanukah lacing cards were made by JSL’s school, or bought. Either way, I love that they had a fun center to work on fine motor skills with the kids.

Chanukah Lacing

As someone that loves to incorporate arts and crafts into holidays, I was thrilled to see something new and different. Dreidel Shaped Chanukah Crayonswhich were perfect for making Chanukah drawings and more.

Chanukah Crayons

These are certainly not the only Chanukah themed items out there, just a few examples that I have seen in recent weeks. Have you seen something new and exciting? If you have I would love to know about it in the comments below.

It's Me

Disclosure: Most of these items were seen while out and about. Just wanted to share toys that are out there in case others are looking for them. Three Amazon Affiliate links are included. Should someone purchase these from Amazon we will receive a small percentage of the sale. As always all opinions are our own.

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