Brother Snuggles and Being Silly

Dear NHL and JSL,

There are days when the two of you fight like siblings always will. Those are not the moments that I care to remember. Of course, I know Uncle I and I used to fight a lot when we were growing up. What I love is that the two of you genuinely are really good with each other.

The other morning, as I was rushing around getting everyone ready for a day of school, something caught my eye. The two of you were curled up on the couch. It was too cute to watch the two of you just resting and watching something together while waiting for clothes to get dressed.

By the time I pulled out my camera to take a photo, NHL was on to me.

Caught with the camera

NHL, you saw me coming and decided to be a clown. First, there was the tongue and then you were suddenly sleepy. Of course, JSL, this made you laugh at your big brother.

Goofy brothers

These moments help to melt away the other stresses that are happening. The two of you truly are great brothers to each other and I love watching you grow up together.



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