Tuesday Tales – Protecting Our Kindle

It is hard to believe that there was once a time when I was unsure how I would feel about reading with an eReader. When we got our Kindle, I quickly realized some of the big perks and possibilities. I could keep multiple books with me at all times, I could instantly get books from the library for it, I could purchase a book and have it ready to read within minutes, and your kids can’t knock a book mark out of it.

Kimberly KindleTechyDad and I wanted to get something to protect Kimberly Kindle. Yes, we named her – just accept that. Here is Kimberly when we first got her without anything to protect her screen.

There were some gorgeous Kindle covers on Etsy. As much as I adored them, they were just a cover and did not help to protect our eReader. Thanks to several people on Twitter, we focused on M-Edge products. They seemed to be the most focused on  protecting electronic devices. Many of them specifically suggested the M-Edge Latitude Kindle Jacket and it had good reviews. We liked that it not only had a soft cover inside to protect the screen, it was also durable in case it –er, you know, fell just a bit.

After a bit more research, we bought the M-Edge Latitude Kindle Jacket. I love that it zips up to cover all of Kimberly. I love that it has a pocket for a little lamp should we opt to purchase one down the road. I also like that the cover flips back completely to make it each to hold and read my books. I can keep it in the case to recharge and the keyboard is still able to be used without any fuss.

Kimberly Kindle's Jacket

Now I can’t wait to start my next book on the Kindle. Actually it’s a series that everyone has been talking about. Here’s it is all ready to go:

Hunger Games Trilogy on Kimberly Kindle

Yes, my next three books will be The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. They are all ready to read on Kimberly. With the movie coming out, more and more of my friends have been chatting it up and trying to read them before it comes to theaters.

I would love to know your thoughts on The Hunger Games Trilogy, eReaders, and anything else. What have you read recently? Please be sure to link up to your book posts in the comments below. Include something you read on your own, with a child, or someone else. Tuesday Tales are all about spreading the love for books.

It's Me

Disclosure: Two Amazon Affiliate links are included in this post with the two items mentioned. I will receive a percentage of money for the sale should you opt to buy the books through that link. We bought the M-Edge Jacket on our own and I wanted to share since we enjoy how well it works with our Kindle.

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  • Shelley says:

    I didn’t expect to love my kindle as much as I do. I have had it for almost a year now and it’s just awesome. I bought my husband one for Christmas and even though he said he’d still like a good old fashion book, he’s already read the Hunger Games series (which he said was fantastic, btw) and is almost done with his 4th book.

    I still haven’t gotten a cover for it…and I know I should. My SIL has one that has a light on it so she can read in darker spots. :)

  • Traci says:

    I had to search high and low to find a cover for my Kindle Fire after Christmas – apparently everyone in my city got one and no one had any covers. Oddly enough (or not), I found a lovely green leather cover at Office Max (it has a vintage typewriter as artwork on the cover!). Love it.

    As for the Hunger Games – LOVE that series. Book 1 is my favorite, Book 3 is my least favorite. But I’m “Team Peeta” all the way (you’ll understand that once you start reading). I cannot wait until March when the movie comes out!

    Right now I’m reading The Last Lecture – “borrowed” it for free via Amazon Prime. :)
    Traci´s last blog post ..Classroom parties, peanut allergies, and homemade cookies

  • susan says:

    Too funny- I call my Kindle ‘Kinderlee’ My kids even call her that :)
    susan´s last blog post ..baby steps