Winter Break 2012

Dear NHL,

This winter break seemed to go pretty quickly. Daddy was home on Monday and did something special with the two of you while I worked on laundry. Man are those bunk beds a pain to put clean sheets onto. Your bed on top was quite the workout in the scheme of things.

Early Tuesday evening, you mentioned that you had a letter for me. You had forgotten that there was a note in your bag from your friend’s mother. As I read the note, she asked me to get back to her about doing something over break. I wrote her back that night and had a reply the next morning. We eventually decided to meet up at the library for an afternoon.

It was so nice to see you smiling, happy, and playing with a friend. The two of you had a lot in common since you are both new to the school. It seems like this factor has made the two of you watch out for the other. Then, I found out what a small world it truly is. I had actually met your friend’s mother years ago when I was teaching. She recalled me being pregnant at the time and then looked and saw how big your little brother is.

Brothers over winter break

I do hope that we will be able to get together with your friend, his sister, and mother again. They are such a nice family and watching you on Thursday made my heart so happy.



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