Disney Store Blues

Dear NHL and JSL,

The two of you love heading to the Disney Store. Neither of you recall that we used to have one here in our area. Now, we have to travel to the outlet, go to New York City, or see them in another location. Thanks to this, when we go to any Disney Store, it’s like a holiday for all of us. The two of you certainly are NDK when you see this in front of you.

Disney Store Time

Then the real challenge begins. Where do we begin our tour? Do we look at new shirts for the two of you, check out the toys, or . . . . wait, what is that over there?

Hello Muppets

We had to convince you that getting Animal and Kermit was not crucial since we are heading to Walt Disney World soon. Then, around the corner from the Muppets display was something else that caught your eye.

 Pirate Time

You ran to the Jake and the Never Land Pirates area. This was the first time that you had seen the stuffed friends. Again, we told you it was best to wait to see what we may find in Orlando. Neither of you were thrilled with this idea.

An amazing cast member came and heard what was going on. She gave you each a special sticker and coloring sheet. When it was time to leave, they noticed you were both Perry fans. We were asked to stay a minute. In the back, they still had some of the special Perry hats that they gave away on Platypus Day.

Perry Hats

We were lucky and managed to get all of us out of the store without buying too much. We bought a few things for our trip, and a few extras. Now I just wish we had a store closer to keep the magic near us for special times like this.



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  • Stacie says:

    I love going to the Disney Store as well! There used to be one in every mall up here, but alas, now the only one around is at MOA. And they remodeled it – Not nearly as much fun stuff to look at when you’re having Disney Withdrawal. :(

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