Crocs a Colorado Company with Heart

I am a big fan of buying products from companies that support their community. Our family owns a lot of Crocs. I have sandals, wedges, Mary Janes, and other items. I bought my father a pair with the Dodgers logo and a pair of Yankees ones for TechyDad. I almost always wear one pair or another while visiting Disney World. Recently, we noticed that the boys Mickey Mouse Crocs that we purchased last year were nearly too small. Thanks to this, the kids got fun Crocs.

Lego Crocs

Unfortunately, the ones for JSL were too big. Since we were not close to the outlet to return them, I went online the other night to check out new options. The perfect pair of Toy Story Crocs were available in his size. I ordered them. The following day, I received an e-mail from Crocs that warmed my heart.

Crocs is a company based in Colorado. We all know about the tragedy that happened in the  Aurora, Colorado community. From now until July 31st, Crocs will be donating $5.00 to benefit the Aurora Victim Relief Fund on

So, if you were looking to get new Crocs for the rest of the summer, back to school, or some other occasion – now is the time. I am simply writing this because I wanted to share about company that is reaching out and has in the past across the globe. Now, they are once again helping those within their own state and we can do our part as well.

It's Me

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