Finding Nemo Life Lessons

Some days you just need to try to put things into perspective. The reality of life may be hard to swallow, but sometimes transforming it into a familiar Disney story can help make you smile. Today, Finding Nemo will remind us to:

Just keep swimming - Art of Animation Resort

Sometimes, we must keep moving across a great distance to get to the other side of an obstacle. Though there are times that I wish I could forget everything like Dory, her message rings in my head over and over again. We must “Just Keep Swimming” past the tough times which will make us appreciate family and friends.

Nemo and Marlin - Art of Animation Resort

It is during those quiet times with our family that we can sit and appreciate the beauty of the world around us, even if it feels like we may be stuck in a mass of coral looking at the world beyond our reach.

Of course, there are moments that will teach us to let go. To allow ourselves to keep swimming, set new goals, seek assistance, and allow Mr. Rays in the world to show us the great beyond.

Mr Ray - Art of Animation

Although it may be easy to beat yourself up, you have to pick yourself up and get through the current of life. There is no such thing as failure if you use it as a life lesson. Not everything can go right day in and day out. We have to think like Crush because…

Crush and Dory - Art of Animation

As you can see, Nemo and friends can certainly remind you of some important life lessons. What others can you think of from Nemo or another Disney movie that help you to put things into perspective and push through a rough patch?

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