Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2012

Breast cancer is something that has hit close to home for me. I have watched friends and family members fight this disease. In addition to this, I have watched as a friend has turned the loss of her mother from breast cancer into a crusade to teach others about the importance of early detection.

This year, I experienced my first mammogram. Although I am “only” 35, my doctor felt that with a family history it was a good time to get a baseline to use for the future. I wrote The Importance of a First Mammogram to share my experience with others. To remind people that the temporary discomfort (if you have any) is well worth it.

If you are not familiar one of the first lines of defense (beside self breast exams), this is the machine that people often talk about. It seems a lot less daunting than I expected. It really is hard to believe that that has saved so many women and men (they have breasts and can get cancer there too).

Mammogram Machine

I am less into buying pink products that promise to give money to foundation to help breast cancer. I prefer to donate to the American Cancer Society which helps breast cancer and other cancers that friends and members of my family have been faced with. Since it is breast cancer awareness month, I wanted to share their campaign for their Making Strides Walk.

Please take this time to think about yourself. Remember to do breast self exams. Schedule it on your calendar or in your smart phone. Talk to your doctor if something is not right. Go for your baseline or routine mammogram and stop making excuses. Early detection is key not only with breast cancer, but all cancer so be selfish and take care of YOU.

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