Kindergarten Learning

Dear JSL,

You have been a kindergarten kid for just about a month now. Mornings are still a bit rough. You say you are nervous and do not want to leave me. Still, the smile on your face at the end of the day tells me a different story. I can see that you are enjoying the time with your teachers, classmates, and learning.

First Day of Kindergarten Art

What I love is watching you after school each day. You pull our your Doodle Pro and teach me things that you have learned. You recite the letters and their sounds. You tell me words that begin with the letters. Even on the way into school, you like to rattle off things that you have learned. You are in love with centers. This time seems to be your favorite, especially when there are science activities. You have already learned about the five senses and it made a big impression on you. Just the other day, you were explaining to me how the eyeball has an image that is turned upside down as it is carried to the brain. The science teacher in me was so very proud.

I have also watched you talking to your big brother about math. I knew that you were talking about shapes (which you already knew) in class. What I did not realize until I was looking at your sheets that I had heard you say another word.

Kindergarten math - learning about vertices

Yes, you know how to identify a vertex on a shape. You can count them and the side and record the numbers. I was definitely impressed and you love sharing this information with me. The other item that you have been talking about a lot are apples. Since you are going to an orchard soon, you have been learning about how they grow. I can not wait to hear more about this subject over the weekend and next week. Thank you for taking me on this learning journey with you.



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  • Priya says:

    :) – My kid likes to talk about the new slang he learned at school. Everyday it is so much fun to live the life of school through his perspective.