Gone to Play in the Snow

I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan of snow. I loved playing in it when I was a child and made some amazing snow creations with neighbors. Then, when I learned to drive and we bought our house, things changed. Driving was suddenly dangerous, winter plans were harder to make, and keeping roofs clear of ice dams a reality.

Still, I can appreciate the beauty of the fresh white snow outside.

December snow in Upstate New York

Later on, I will take one for the team and bundle up to watch the boys play in the snow (shoveling complete and TechyDad will rake the roof after work). You see, we already have more snow from this one storm than we had all last season. I have a five year old that jumps for joy when he sees one snow flake fall from the sky because he wants to play.

It's Me

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