Innocence Shattered and Education Needed

Friday, I sat numb at my computer reading reports that were starting to come in from Newtown. I immediately went to a map to see where the small town is located in relationship to TechyDad’s family in Connecticut. I had to turn everything off in my mind for a little while, but it was hard to do as I went to JSL’s kindergarten classroom. When I arrived, his teacher had not heard about the news, but the principal had and was already working on new plans for the building. I hardly recall much of talking to the children about Chanukah because my mind was not there.

At this point, my boys, 9 and 5, are not aware of the horror that happened Friday at a school much like theirs. They do not know that 20 little boys and girls will never grow up, graduate from elementary school, and be there for other life events with their families. I could not comprehend what I was reading as a mother, teacher, and more importantly a human being. If an adult can not take this in, I wanted to shield and keep the innocence of my children.

Then, Friday afternoon, something else caught my attention. The media was reporting that the monster that did this may be autistic. My stomach flipped even before I could look into this. As the mother of a newly diagnosed child on the Autism Spectrum, I knew this would be BAD news. Too many people in the world have no real knowledge about Autism and those who live with it. Their first introduction will be with this tragedy.

People in our local, national, and world wide autism community immediately jumped in to get the word out about Asperger’s NOT making someone a killer. My sweet, innocent, Aspie should never have to worry that the world may think he could do something like this just because of what one sick individual did. We need to educate people about autism, about mental illness, and many other items that are all related to this event. I thought I would share what one person already wrote on this topic because they have the words that I can not even hold on to now.

In addition to this, I want to share a post from Kristine Brite McCormick about helping the grieving parents in Newton, CT. You can click on the pin below to read her advice on how to assist when a stranger’s child dies.



I truly am at a loss for words. Right now, I simply want to get the innocence of elementary school back for the children of our country. I want to hug my children tighter and not have to worry about their safety when they walk out our door. I want to believe that people will not judge others because of a possible diagnosis that has nothing to do with the facts. I want to rewind to Thursday and protect all of those who lost their lives in this senseless act.

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