Exploring with Watercolors

Summer vacation is here and, when the weather is nice, we try to head outside as much as possible. Of course, lately Mother Nature has been giving us a lot of rain. The other day, I stumbled upon an unopened package of watercolors. Thank goodness, I was able to find another unopened Crayola watercolors so each of the boys would have their own.

Exploring with Watercolor paints

NHL has painted with watercolors before in school. He immediately asked me to have some crayons. He wanted to do use the Crayon Resist method that he learned about. So I pulled out some crayons and let the boys explore the watercolors. As you can see, my little guy was very serious. He was trying to figure out how much water to use to get the vibrancy right.

Watercolors exploration

When JSL was finished, this was his masterpiece.

First watercolors painting

The little guy loves to make items with rainbows and, typically, he will show up in those pictures, just like the one above with the pot of gold.

The next day, JSL asked to paint again. This time, he wanted to test out making some of the Monster’s University characters. He pulled out his figures and used them as inspiration. Confession, I did help him a little on these. He is six, but most of the time I simply drew the eyeballs and a few other details in crayons. He did all of the painting. Here are the four that he has done to date.

Monsterous watercolor paintings

JSL really wanted to protect them, so I pulled out the laminator and tossed the ones he had already finished. In case you were wondering, those are Mike, Squishy, Sulley, and Johnny. To surprise the boys, I just bought them something else to help with the painting. Check out the new Crayola watercolors. Yes, there are actually 24 colors to pick from when being creative. No more being stuck with eight colors.

Crayola watercolors and brushes

Do you or your children like to use watercolors? I would love to know if you do or have specific projects that they enjoy. We’re always looking for more fun projects to try out when the weather keeps us inside.

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