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Several months ago, we heard that the Capital District would be getting a new family friendly destination. Yes, Flight Trampoline Park would be opening up a location in Albany and we were excited. There are very few local indoor play areas for the entire family. We had heard great things from family and friends who have a Flight Trampoline Park near them. When it recently opened, we were looking for a time to head over and check things out.

On Sunday, we went to Albany Flight Trampoline Park for the first time. When I asked TechyDad if we should take his SLR camera, he told me not to bother. Why? Well, he knew that with my Samsung Galaxy S5 in hand I would be able to take picture and videos to capture our memories. This is huge because TechyDad almost always brings his camera with us. In addition to this, I would be able to check in and share photos/videos if I had time while we were there. The check in was key in being able to finally meet someone in person too, thank you social media!

Albany Flight Trampoline Park

Since we were unsure of the crowds, we did not purchase our tickets online before heading to the park. Once inside the building, we went over to the computers to sign waivers and then went to pay for our visit. FYI – even those who are not planning on using the trampolines must do this. The three boys were going to bounce, jump, and fly through the air. My plan was to watch everyone and take photos. In addition to this, I had to be ready in case my one son went into sensory overload. As the parent of a child with autism, I never know exactly how first treks to a new location will go.

We had about 15 minutes to look around before our designated time would begin. The kids saw the area for little ones, noted where the basketball hoop was, and watched other people fly through the air. Of course, I noticed the rules posted all over the space and took a photo.

Flight Trampoline Park Rules

What really impressed me, there were staff members all over the trampoline area. They answered questions, talked to people, and watched to make sure that everyone was safe while exploring and exercising. Albany Flight Trampoline Park

I also made a quick Instagram video to share what the atmosphere was like while we were there. It was much less crowded at this point and a lot more people showed up half way through the hour.

Just before the boys went off to jump and play, I asked them to take a quick photo. I knew that catching them in action would be difficult to do, especially while they went off in different directions. The other photos show the boys while they were jumping, hopping, and flying around.

Jumping at the Albany Flight Trampoline Park

For the first half hour or so, the boys had a great time. Then the area got a little more hectic with additional people coming in at 2:30. After about 15 minutes, NHL had seen his limit. He had a great time playing with other kids at the basketball area and even tried dodge ball. His foot was bothering him from being barefoot, so I walked over to a side area for him to decompress. JSL and TechyDad continued to bounce during this time. I was even able to get a video of the kid at heart having some fun.

My suggestion to parents of children with special needs, you know your child. Perhaps try 30 minutes your first time and go from there. Next visit, we plan to head back on the Special Needs Night that they have on the first and third Tuesday each month. I think the pace may be better for NHL. In addition to this, JSL may feel less like he will be run over by so many big kids and adults moving so fast. We have heard from other families that went last week that it was a fantastic experience. Many reported that everyone at the park were accommodating and kind, which we also saw during our visit.

What place have you gone to for the first time recently where you opted not to bring your camera and just use your smartphone? I know I felt so free with just my phone and still being able to capture these special moments.

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Disclosure: As a member of the Verizon Lifestyle Bloggers, I receive devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 to test out and share ways that I use it in my life. I am a long time Verizon customer, and all opinions are my own.

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  • steff says:

    We have been all over CO, WY, and SD including multiple National Parks and MonumentS and all the pictures etc are with my S5. I did not even bring my camera for the trip.