Halloween Costume Selections

Captain America and Harry Potter have left the building and will not be here for Halloween this year. Our house will have two new characters wandering around later this month.

Star-Lord and Darth Vader Pig costumes for Halloween

After several years in a row, we decided to let the boys select something new. We started looking at one location, and then made our way to the party store where there was a much larger selection. Gone are the days when it was easy to pick a cute costume and the boys would just wear them and be happy.

Things get complicated when you have one child that needs adult sizes because he’s too tall for the kid sizes. Then, you have to weed out ones that are not appropriate for an eleven year old and are too pricey. Sorry, but I can not justify $50 for a super hero that does not include any of their accessories. By the time you add in a wig, weapon, and various other key items, it would be well over $100 (conservative guess there).

When we were finally able to leave the store, TechyDad and I had two boys that were thrilled with their selections. Of course, later on in the day I saw JSL take his costume out of the bag. He was already half dressed by the time I caught him. I had him go outside with me for a photo shoot. There is just something fun about Star-Lord.

Star-Lord Costume for Kids

Alright, I admit I was saying I am Groot to get the kiddo to laugh. If I had the time, I probably would figure out a way to do something with Groot.

We Are Groot - Perler Beads and Disney Infinity 2

It’s time to share what Halloween costumes your family have this year. What did your kids select and did they have a tough time deciding? Are you dressing up or do you have a costume you would love to wear if you did?

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